Same month, new year

Which, in my case, also means a newly updated website. It’s just what I seem to do on a yearly basis. The idea was to get the site fully mobile, with a fixed menu (except on this blog page…sigh)  and hopefully all the links work. If they don’t, please let me know!

This last year has been…a trip and not an enjoyable one…fingers crossed this one provides smoother sailing. I do know that receiving the cover for my July 2018 release was a happy happy moment. It’s lovely, don’t you agree? For more info/except/pre-order links, just click on the cover. And if you are a reviewer who’d like to give it a go — drop me a line.


This is Elrik’s story – he’s the oldest Roul brother (yes, these seem to have “appeared” out of order, but I’ve learned not to argue with the muse too much).  This Warrior Wolf has been called away from his home in Scotland to deal with another task (read that as ORDERED) gifted to him by King David. Little does he know what “gifts” are in store for him.


I’m not real great at social media, or staying in contact — obviously, but I’ve made that my only “goal” for the year — doing better at getting out there.  So, I’m going to use my newsletter more than I have in the past. Since I’ve always wanted to do some short (um, shorter) stories, I thought I’d serialize the first one and put a section in what I hope will be a monthly(ish) newsletter.  The first one should go out sometime this next week. Sticking with that whole write what you know theory, I’m starting with a medieval. If you’re already subscribed to the Denise Lynn Newsletter, look for it in your email soon, if you aren’t it’s easy enough to do — there’s a NEWSLETTER button at the top of every page of this website and one over there on the right-hand side of this blog page. I don’t share your info with anyone – EVER.

If you’re in my part of the world and still staring at snow, or shivering in the cold, Spring will be here soon!!!!!  Or so I’m told. So, I’ll close by wishing you — HAPPY COMING SPRING…





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