When the creative urge overflows…

It’s so easy to tell when I’m actually working. Not just because I’m sitting in front of the pc at all hours of the day and/or night, but because I’ve got half a dozen or more projects running at the same time. Odd, how working on a book gets every other hobby/interest in gear at the same time.  For example, today I wrote a chapter plus some, searched the net for “hero” worthy pics — found one for Gregor:   now need to find his older brother…it’ll be tough, but someone has to do it.  Also revamped the website-again, made butter (yeah, I know…seriously?), along with pudding — and I don’t mean the stuff that comes out of a box and of course real whipped cream to go along with it, then it was on to getting a boat load of mending done (gasp), starting a new infinity scarf because I need one in every color imaginable, and since I had to trot downstairs to do laundry, why not lay out a couple blouse patterns….

Yeah, I am so obviously in work mode…it’s that or I’m coming down with something truly frightening.




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